North Winds FarmShow me your horse and I will tell you what you are. ~ Old English Saying
Turnout is currently  in a small group in the Home Paddock with a small flock of sheep and our steer, or in the round pen. Future options will include individualized  paddocks with run-in sheds. We encourage maximum turnout for the health of your horse.


339 Cronk Road, Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, P0T1W0
(807) 623-3751
For the comfort of your horse, we have cozy box stalls or wide standing stalls bedded with shavings, flaxbed or straw. The horses have individual feed schedules, based on their nutritional needs. We give hay four times daily, and  two grain feeds if necessary. Water and mineral block is available free choice. 

Our stable follows the Equine Wellness Program offered by Slate River Veterinary Services. An equine practitioner tends to the horses annually for vaccinations and personalized worming strategies.
Outdoor Monthly Board starts at $275
Indoor Monthly Board starts at $375
Overnight $20
Daily $15
We also offer overnight stabling for those who travel with their horses. Proof of vaccinations and negative Coggins may be requested.