North Winds Farm
339 Cronk Road, Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, P0T1W0
(807) 623-3751
We have farm fresh market garden produce, as well as ethically raised and finished livestock food products (lamb, eggs, pork, and beef). 

Lamb: Orders taken for fall pick-up. Variety of cuts. Raised on pasture and grain. $10/lb.

Farm fresh eggs! Our layers are free ranging and foraging so they get a natural diet of vegetation, insects and small hunted critters, plus mixed grain feed. $5/dozen.

Pork:  Custom cutting and smoking. Pasture raised, fed GMO free grain and finished on garden and orchard produce. $4.80/lb. includes cut and wrap.

Beef:  Grass finished. $7/lb mixed 35lb box; $6/lb by the quarter, side or whole. Includes cut and wrap.

Seasonal Produce - mostly heirloom varieties: root vegetables (carrots, potatoes), green onion, green and yellow beans, zucchini, spaghetti squash, acorn squash, apples... prices vary.

Firewood:  Hardwood or softwood;  logs, or bucked and split. Contact Jason to inquire. 355-4171.

Tack and Equipment: Occasionally we have used horse equipment for sale. See our FB page for a current

Livestock: We raise Katahdin Sheep and Galloway cattle - we do sell spring lambs and breeding stock.